Our scope is general aviation maintenance on non-commercial aircraft under 2,730kg MTOM under EASA Part ML. 

See the following link to the EASA website for information on who can do what in relation to maintenance:


This is a 1107 page document, but Part ML starts on page 860. The table in "Guidance Material 1 ML.A.201 Responsibilities" on Page 864 summarises who can perform the various roles depending on the type of operation.

Our licence coverage is for

Group 3 aircraft with metal structure.  E.g. Cessna 150/ 152/172, Piper PA28, Tecnam P2002JF, etc. For a full list of EASA aircraft types click on the following link which will take you to the EASA website. The Group is the extreme left hand column (A) of the Excel spreadsheet and Column E gives the structure type (metal, composite, etc).


Our role is that of "Independent Certifying Staff" as referred to in Part ML.

If you need CAMO services we can recommend a suitable service provider. 

If you already have an agreement with a CAMO (or CAO) in place, then we will need a Work Order from your CAMO before we can perform any maintenance (e.g. 50 hour check).

We travel to the aircraft. No need to organise lifts, train or bus journeys, GAR forms etc to get your aircraft to some distant airfield or airport for a minor repair which could have been done at the aircraft's normal abode.

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