Pre- Purchase Condition Surveys

If you're about to spend €50,000 and more on buying a second hand aircraft, then it would make sense to spend 1% of that on getting an independent pre-purchase condition survey and report done on the intended purchase aircraft. Critical areas of interest will be the engine - especially an aircraft that has been in storage or experienced a prolonged period of non-use. A borescope inspection of the engine will alert the purchaser to potential upcoming problems which will have to be rectified post purchase - usually at great expense. Airframe corrosion and also evidence of any unrecorded damage events (distortion of the structure following a heavy landing etc) are further areas that could be of concern. We can inspect and report to the potential buyer.

We can also carry out a review of the logbooks. Remember airworthiness is as much about paperwork and records as mechanical integrity. Similar to an Airworthiness Review as part of the ARC process, the logbooks can be checked for compliance with ADs, extensions of engine TBO,  that the aircraft has been correctly released after maintenance, and to identify Life Limited Components which are near or already past their end of life, etc The logbooks will show exactly how much time the aircraft has been actively flying and more importantly how much time it has spent sitting in the hangar at risk of corrosion.. If the prospective buyer can get the logbooks scanned, we can review them. If the seller isn't willing to let you have the logbooks reviewed then maybe you should be looking  to buy elsewhere. 


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